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Data Culling, Processing & Review Preparation


Proven eDiscovery and storage software allows your staff to catalogue, store, search and filter documents, reducing data to manageable levels.


In order to rely on accurate data for review and analysis, eDiscovery processing and filtering should be performed by an accepted technology, through a method that will ensure evidentiary integrity is maintained past data collections and to review.


  • Filter and prepare data for industry-standard review platforms

  • Preserve forensic integrity of collected data

  • Identify non-relevant system files and duplicate items

  • Mature and tested eDiscovery software - in use for nearly a decade


Catalogue and Index


ESI365 ensures accurate searching and filtering in subsequent stages by subjecting all data to an advanced set of forensic cataloging tasks, including recording and indexing all metadata and any embedded objects. Using multiple methods of data validation and mature eDiscovery processing technologies, ESI365 allows for a defensible and accurate ESI data reduction strategy.


Search and Filter


ESI365 leverages powerful and well-accepted open-source indexing technologies tuned specifically for electronic discovery filtering and searching needs. No advanced searching skills are needed to quickly and accurately reduce the size of your processed ESI that will be sent to attorney review.


Make Critical Decisions


By presenting easy-to-understand intelligence and reporting about the preserved data (ESI), legal teams can be better prepared to make more rapid, more informed decisions regarding overall discovery costs, legal strategy and settlement options.


Prepare for Delivery


ESI365 creates review sets that are compatible with many of the popular document review systems, including web hosted and in-house systems. Standard and custom templates are used to prepare ESI for delivery to ensure consistency and accuracy in delivered data sets.


Deliver Collected Data for Attorney Review


Efficiently prepare your collected email and electronic documents for subsequent review and analysis by the legal team.


First, choose all the collected email and documents, and then filter the entire collected data set. Deliver data sets for review based on filtered results that include culling criteria such as – by custodian, data type, file type, custodian identification, or keywords.


Use ESI365 to identify duplicates using its advanced tools for cross‐custodian de‐duplication, filtering with search terms and phrases and other options to further cull processed data to manageable levels, reducing costs at each step and giving you unprecedented control over your legal document review. Review set deliveries can be formatted by choosing a memorized and custom template for transfer and seamless load to many of the most popular document review and analysis tools and platforms.


  • Prepare filtered data for legal review

  • Supports industry standard eDiscovery formats

  • Secure and fast downloads

  • Deliver Collected Data for Attorney Review

Early Case Assessment


Easily gain insight with our Data Profiler with Instant reports of data types and quantity of files for each Custodian before any Data Collection begins


  • Used BEFORE data is collected

  • High view of data sizes, counts and types

  • Runs remotely with no installation required

  • Scan users with no installation required

  • Live updates and reporting

  • True Early Case Assessment

  • Gain an edge going into the 26(f) meet & confer

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