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Key Features:


  • Centralized Online Dashboard


  • Flexible Legal Hold, Acknowledgement & Routine Reminder Notices


  • Track Custodian Acknowledgements


  • Automatic Acknowledgement & Routine Reminders


  • Supervisor Escalation of Custodian Notices


  • Cross Matter Reporting & Detailed Audit Trail


  • Easily Update Legal Hold Notices & Track All Changes


  • Reports on Each Legal Hold & Cross-Matter Global Reports


  • Powerful Custodian Search




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Top 10 reasons to use defensible technology and methods


  • It's evidence

  • Spoliation

  • Neutrality

  • Burden and liability

  • Efficiency

  • Accuracy

  • Verification

  • ROI: Return on investment

  • Small cost - big returns

  • It's the right thing to do

ESI365 Legal Hold is a powerful and easy-to-use online solution that simplifies legal hold management. New Legal Holds are created and distributed in minutes, complete with acknowledgement tracking, automated reminders and detailed reporting. 


A Complex Process Made Simple

Legal Hold miscommunications can result in confusion, data loss, increased costs and possible sanctions. Written memos and unstructured emails are difficult to issue, manage and track. Most solutions require large investments and specially trained staff.  ESI365 solves those problems, allowing organizations to manage the process easily, securely and defensibly.


  • Centralized Control Panel

  • Cross-Matter Reporting

  • Single Screen Status

  • One-Click Escalations

  • Multi-Version Tracking

  • Exportable Reports

  • Easily Added Recipients

  • Quick & Simple Releases

  • Unified Data Profiler™

  • Integrated DiscoveryBOT™ Data Collections


Flexible, Simple Legal Hold Notice Creation

ESI365 Legal Hold provides complete control over the content and format of Legal Hold Notices. The notice can be formatted using the dynamic notice creation feature, and as many attachments as needed may be included. 


Acknowledgements, Routine Reminders & Releases

Automated Acknowledgement Reminders prompt custodians who have not acknowledged their Legal Hold Notice.  Routine Reminder Notices automatically remind custodians on a regular schedule that the Legal Hold is still active.  When a matter is concluded or a custodian no longer is involved, a Release Notice can be sent as well.


Customize Notices Target Specific Custodian Groups

Create and deliver tailored versions of the Legal Hold Notice that are targeted to the specific needs of each custodian group.  For example, one version might talk in terms meaningful to the sales team, while a tailored version might speak better to the needs of the executive team, all managed from a single unified dashboard.

Legal Hold

A powerful, seamlessly integrated cloud-based legal hold solution

Legal Hold Management Made Simple

Add Custodians, Create Notices & Issue in Minutes

Detailed Version Tracking

As a matter progresses, it often requires that the Legal Hold Notice be modified and custodians updated.  ESI365 tracks the modification of legal holds over time and provides complete audit tracking of each change, along with the custodian acknowledgement actions related to each version.


Advanced Scheduling & Automation

Customize notice schedules to fit each case and environment.  Select when to send out initial hold notices, how often custodians receive acknowledgement and routine reminders, and when to escalate that process to a supervisor or release the custodians. 


One-Click Supervisor Escalations

Even with automated reminders, some custodians still don’t respond timely and require an extra prompt to acknowledge the Legal Hold Notice.  With the Escalation feature, custodian notices can be escalated quickly and easily to the custodian’s supervisor for further action.


Custodian Searching

Find custodians quickly and easily by simply starting to type a name.  The dynamic filter function filters the list as you type.


Comprehensive Cross-Matter Reporting

Clear, concise reports provide a comprehensive overview of the current Legal Hold status.  Cross matter reporting gives a global view across matters and custodians to provide administrators with a single source from which to monitor the entire matter.

Centralized Web Based Management

ESI365 provides a unified, centralized online console that is shared by the entire team.  The dashboard provides real-time, comprehensive status on each phase of discovery, updated every few seconds, ensuring that the entire team has the most complete, accurate and timely information available.


Integrated Solution

ESI365 Legal Hold is fully integrated with the Data Profiler™ feature for early case assessment and DiscoveryBOT™ feature for forensically sound data identification, preservation and collection.


With ESI365, an organization can identify, understand and preserve data from across the enterprise to better prepare and more quickly and accurately respond to legal and regulatory matters, all integrated in a single online application, with no hardware or software to install.



Compatible with the following:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 and above

  • Google Chrome (all versions)

  • Firefox 4.0 and above

  • Safari (all versions)

  • Many other popular browsers.

Encryption: All custodian data is encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption.

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