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Notify Features


Unlimited Users and Holds

Manage unlimited matters and custodians and allow access to the management of the processes by as many users as needed (including legal department, IT department and outside counsel users). Send and manage an unlimited number of legal hold notices. Track acknowledgements, Issue updates, escalate to a supervisor and release users from a legal hold -- all from one online dashboard.


Automated Process Tracking & Reminders

Stay in compliance without worrying about manually babysitting any part of the process. Track and manage custodian acknowledgements in real-time. Reminding employees of the obligation to retain documents for a legal matter is paramount to ensuring compliance with the law. Worry-free automated reminders keep you compliant.


Interview Employees

Interact with your employees by asking custom questions related to legal matters and compliance. Ask employees about issues and facts related to the matter to discover where and how they maintain documents and data.


Litigation Budgeting

In less than 20 minutes and with just a few clicks, you can determine the data sizes, file/document counts and data types located in the custodian areas such as email, laptops, home folders and more, that will allow you to make smart budget and strategy decisions early on in a case.


Automated IT Task Suspension

Protect the IT organization and automate suspending certain critical IT housekeeping tasks (such as email retention purging ) directly from TotalDiscovery.


Detailed Reporting & Custodian Portal

Export real-time reports in CSV and Excel format for detailed information on many aspects of your data preservation and eDiscovery matters. Publish relevant legal hold information to a corporate Wiki or other online system so that employees may check status and receive updates on their own.


Preserve Features


Automated Data Collections

Gather documents and data from multiple corporate and online sources in order to ensure critical data is preserved for legal reasons and risk is mitigated.


Unlimited Data Sources

Gather data in a defensible manner from as many data sources and systems as needed without additional costs or resources.


Digital Chain-of-Custody

Preservation activities must be proven to be defensible – whether in legal proceedings or to regulators – so evidentiary integrity is maintained at all times using the ForensicEnvelope™ technology and full audit trails are utilized by the system.


Real-Time Metrics & Reporting

Simple, intuitive and useful reporting both in the application and as downloadable reports put you in the drivers’ seat for discovery conferences, defensibility strategy and case schedule planning.


Discover Features


Full eDiscovery Processing

Within minutes of data being collected, process data using advanced eDiscovery certified and industry accepted methods for parsing, cataloging and indexing (including duplicate and file header identification, password/encrypted file identification, exception reporting and chain-of-custody maintenance) of documents and data to be used in legal proceedings which require a high level of data scrutiny.


Early Case Assessment

Cull, filter and search data once it has been preserved to determine case strategy, settlement options and go-forward litigation budgets.


Unlimited Search & Culling

Iterate on the preserved documents and data as many times as needed to help focus and search the data set with no resource limitations or additional costs.


Attorney Review Data Preparation

Once data is culled to a manageable set of documents, prepare it for seamless, error-free loading to any of the standard legal document review platforms.

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