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Key Features:


  • Simple to Use REST API


  • Integrate with Active Directory, SAP & More


  • Enables Custodian Look-up by Name, Title, Department & Office Location


  • Search on Partial Information or Characteristics


  • Handles All Size Cases


  • Unlimited Number of Custodians


  • Behind-the-Firewall Convenience & Functionality


  • No Cost Integration


Enterprise Connectivity

Integrate ESI365 with Active Directory, SAP & More

The ESI365 Enterprise Connectivity feature further distinguishes it from other eDiscovery alternatives and continues to bridge the gap between SaaS and the enterprise, adding behind-the-firewall functionality to the ESI365 platform.By leveraging existing Enterprise Systems, organizations can be more confident than ever that their Legal Hold and Preservation processes are comprehensive and complete.


Simplifying Custodian Identification

Identifying employees for Legal Hold, Preservation and other eDiscovery purposes can be quite challenging, especially in larger organizations.  The process often involves manually poring through employee directories and human resource systems to identify the right custodians for a given litigation.  The ESI365 Enterprise Connectivity feature radically simplifies that process by leveraging existing human resources and IT systems that organizations already use to manage and look up employees, like Microsoft's Active Directory, SAP's ERP HCM solution and others. 


Look Up Custodians By

  • First or Last Name

  • Job Title

  • Department

  • Office Location


Enterprise Integration Made Simple

TotalDiscovery can be integrated easily with Active Directory, SAP and other enterprise resources to make adding custodians to any matter a simple and secure process. Clients completely control the process and how data is integrated. Windows PowerShell Commandlets allow full integration with a line or two of script in most cases. For more flexibility, TotalDiscovery also provides REST APIs that will allow you to easily push and synchronize your human resources directory data into the application.


PowerShell Sample Script


Get-ADUser –

LDAPFilter"(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(!userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2)(mail=*))" -Properties OfficePhone,EmailAddress,Title,Office,Department,Description,Manager | Set-Custodian -Company <company>

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