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Standard Features:


  • No Cost


  • Easy Setup & Administration


  • Live Status Reports


  • Individual Custodian & Comprehensive Reporting


  • Detailed Reporting on Size and Type of Documents


  • Centralized Web Based Management


  • Automated Custodian Notification


  • Simple Custodian Interface


  • Fully Integrated with DiscoveryBOT™ Collections


  • Fully Integrated with Legal Hold Feature


  • Quickly Assess Potential Legal &Risk Exposure


  • Enhances litigation Readiness & Case Strategy


Top 10 reasons to use defensible technology and methods


  • It's evidence

  • Spoliation

  • Neutrality

  • Burden and liability

  • Efficiency

  • Accuracy

  • Verification

  • ROI: Return on investment

  • Small cost - big returns

  • It's the right thing to do

No Cost Early Data Assessment Tool


ESI365 Data Profiler™ was created to solve a common frustration among legal teams, companies and IT professionals – how to accurately plan and budget for e-Discovery at the outset of a case.  Data Profiler™ presents a simple, fast and streamlined way to gather accurate information about the size and nature of custodian data.  No longer do teams have to guess at the amount of data a case might involve and make assumptions that create inaccurate budgets.  Data Profiler™ reports provide unmatched early insight, enable accurate budgeting, drivethe development of successful e-discovery strategy and prepare the legal team for meet and confer conferences, scheduling meetings and other similar proceedings.


Detailed Reporting

The Data Profiler™ Statistics report arms legal teams with an intelligent assessment of each custodian’s data right at the outset of a litigation, and before any costs are incurred. The report provides details on each major file category. 


Simple To Use

Data Profiler™ has options configurable to meet the needs of each individual case.  Once set, each custodian receives an email and runs a simple applet that collects no actual data, only statistics, helping ensure privacy in the early stages of the litigation.  Some of the more important features include:


  • Easily configured to scan different data types and date ranges.

  • Live updates provide current status on each custodian scan.

  • Regular email summary reports.

  • Quick and simple applet that completes in minutes.

  • Instant metrics available in the ESI365 web-based dashboard.






Download and Print ECA Features

Data Profiler™

Accurately create budgets & understand costs before e-discovery begins

Enables Accurate Litigation Budgeting& Planning

Know Exactly How Much Data Exists Before Discovery Even Begins

Intelligent Data Assessment


ESI365Data Profiler™provides unprecedented visibility into custodian data volumes and file types.The detailed reports provide the legal team the ability to identify, understand and preserve data from across the enterprise to better prepare for, and more quickly and accurately respond to, even the most complex legal and regulatory matters.


Integrated Legal Hold

ESI365 Data Profiler™ is fully integrated with the Legal Hold feature, providing a single integrated source for all the data preservation and identification needs.  ESI365 shares custodian information across all available features, making additional features like Legal Hold only a few simple mouse clicks away.


Centralized Reporting Panel

ESI365 allows the entire legal team to easily monitor the status of Data Profiler™ requests, along with Legal Holds, from a single control panel, unifying all preservation efforts efficiently and effectively.


Smooth Transition To Data Collections

Data Profiler™ helps the legal team understand custodian data before collections start. Equipped with that accurate and complete information, the legal team now knows what to expect and how to plan for the data collection phase.  When ready, DiscoveryBOT™ data collections then can be initiated with just a few simple clicks, moving quickly from the identification to the collection phase of the litigation.





  • Internet Explorer 7.0 and above

  • Google Chrome (all versions)

  • Firefox 4.0 and above

  • Safari (all versions)

  • Many other popular browsers.

Encryption: All custodian data is encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption.

Feature Details


Centralized Web Based Management

Instantly see the status of all Data Profiler™ requests alongside Legal Hold Status.


Automated Custodian Notification

Emails are sent automatically notifying custodians and providing instructions.


Live Status Updates

See data counts and sizes update live as Data Profiler™ runs on each custodian’s machine.


Detailed Reporting

Detailed reports include the size and type of documents for each custodian, allowing accurate cost prediction and enhancing strategy development.


Integrated with Legal Hold

Data Profiler™ can be easily paired with ESI365Legal Hold to cover all preservation needs.


Integrated with Data Collections

Start fully integrated DiscoveryBOT™ data collections with a few simple clicks.


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