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Key Features:


  • Defensible Self Collection with Centralized Control

  • Multiple Remote & Local           ESI Collection Options

  • Data Encryption Protection &   Chain-of-Custody Tracking

  • No Software / Hardware Deployable in Minutes

  • Simultaneously Collect Multiple Custodians &Sources

  • Live Status Updates &Comprehensive Reporting

  • Unicode &Privacy Law Compliant


A Decade of Experience:

  • Thousands of Matters

  • Petabytes of Data Collected

  • Tens of Thousands of Collections

  • Over 45 Countries Across Six Continents


Notable Matters:

  • Comcast/NBC Merger

  • U.S. v. Jeffery Skilling

  • American Express & Discover v. Visa & MasterCard

  • In re: American Home Mortgage Holdings, Inc.

  • Nisselson v. Lernout, et al


Top 10 reasons to use defensible technology and methods


  • It's evidence

  • Spoliation

  • Neutrality

  • Burden and liability

  • Efficiency

  • Accuracy

  • Verification

  • ROI: Return on investment

  • Small cost - big returns

  • It's the right thing to do

DiscoveryBOT™, created in 2002 as a forensically sound alternative to hard drive imaging, has since grown to incorporate ESI collections of enterprise data sources like SharePoint and and social media sources like Facebook, Twitter and more. 


Simple to Deploy

From ESI365, DiscoveryBOT™ can be deployed in minutes, with no hardware to purchase or software to install.  DiscoveryBOT™ sessions are managed in an online control panel used to deploy, monitor and track most every data collection need.


Defensibility & Security

DiscoveryBOT™ data security &computer forensics features include:


  • AES 256 Bit Encryption

  • Real-Time File Hashing& Validation

  • Digital Chain-of-Custody

  • Tamper Evident Secure Containers

  • File &Metadata Preservation

  • Alternate Data Stream Collection

  • NTFS Permission Token Preservation

  • Robust Logging & Audit Trails

  • File CorruptionChecks

  • Open ESI Container Format

  • Auto Recovery & Health Monitoring


Detailed Reporting

Comprehensive reporting, both on an individual custodian and across all custodians, enables the legal team to better understand data collected and plan next steps in the matter.

Reports are updated in real time, provide chain-of-custody details and show which files and folders the custodian identified during the collection.  Live status updates provide an estimated time for completion.


Collect & Hold Made Simple – Start Preserving

Crucial ESI in Minutes With DiscoveryBOT™

DiscoveryBOT™ Case Studies

Beyond standard ESI collections, DiscoveryBOT™ simplifies even the most complex data collection tasks.


ROVING SALES TEAM: A company in an intellectual property matter needed to collect data from over a hundred traveling sales team members.  ESI365 and DiscoveryBOT™ were used to collect the custodians’ ESI in just a few days.  Custodians initiated their ESI collections from airports, cafes and hotel rooms using the built in secured and encrypted data transmission features, while continuing to use their computers to carry on their business.  ESI365 tracking allowed stragglers to be quickly identified and contacted.  What once was a complex task that took weeks of work and logistical planning was completed instead in a few days with no interruption of the sales team.


INTERNATIONAL COLLECTIONS: A California based tech company needed to collect data from over 300 custodians spread across 17 offices in 15 countries.  Using DiscoveryBOT™, the company completed all the data collections in less than two weeks, without sending a single technician onsite to any of its foreign offices.  What could have been an incredibly expensive and time consuming task was completed in a fraction of the time that a legacy “boots on the ground” approach would have required.


HIGH PROFILE CUSTODIAN COLLECTIONS: A Fortune 100 Company needed to collect data from its Board of Directors and was extremely concerned about how to collect data without compromising the security and privacy of data from other companies and organizations they may have had on their computers and within their email.  Using DiscoveryBOT™, the company was able to customize the collection process to enable the targeted collection of just the data pertaining to their activities as Directors for the company, leaving other business and personal data untouched.


Centralized Control

DiscoveryBOT™ can be configured to meet the needs of the individual case. Some of the more important features include:


  • Select from a variety of collection types, including standard computer sources, webmail, enterprise systems, cloud storage & social media.

  • Easily configure to collect different data types and date ranges.

  • Live updates provide real-time status on each custodian’scollection.

  • Quick and simple applet completes in a fraction of the time required bylegacy data collection methods.

Detailed Features


Centralized Web Based Management

Monitor the real-time status of all DiscoveryBOT™ processes and view detailed reports of ESI collected.


Automated Custodian Notification

Emails are sent automatically notifying custodians and providing instructions.


Live Status Updates

Data counts and sizes are updatedlive as each custodian runs DiscoveryBOT™.


Integrated Network Share Collections

Advanced network collection control allows each custodian to identify files and folders on network shares for a unified collection workflow.


Simple Data Reuse on Subsequent Matters

Data collected for one matter can quickly and easily be associated with other matters with a few clicks at no added cost, leveraging collections across multiple matters and eliminating repeat collections.


Integrated with Legal Hold

Pair DiscoveryBOT™ with ESI365 Legal Hold to cover all preservation needs in one solution.



Compatible with the following:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 and above

  • Google Chrome (all versions)

  • Firefox 4.0 and above

  • Safari (all versions)

  • Many other popular browsers.


Encryption: All custodian data is encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption.

DiscoveryBOT™ ESI Collection

Remote, secure & forensically sound ESI identification & collection solution

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