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100+ Terabytes


1000+ Custodians


40+  Countries


Enterprise Power....Delivered Via The Web

#1 Legal Hold Software for Corporations and Legal Departments
Legal Hold
Create and distrubute defensible legal holds online in minutes with automated reminders.
#1 Data Collection Software for Corporations and Legal Departments
Collect & preserve data from computers to social media with a few simple clicks of a mouse.
Start reviewing processed data immediately in your platform of choice.
Collected data can be quickly analyzed, filtered and exported to any eDiscovery review platform.


Transform Your Legal Department

> Legal Holds (Automatically Issue, Track & Manage)

> Data Collections & Preservation (PC's, Laptops, Servers, Social Media, Webmail)

> Early Data Assessment (Instant Reports on Data Types & Size)

> eDiscovery Processing (Filter, Cull and Process for any Review Platform)

> Online Review (Load Data and Start Reviewing)



*Free trial is unlimited with no restrictions or contracts.

A Simple and Defensible Solution

for Corporations and Law Firms

One eDiscovery tool for processing, culling, and filtering data.
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